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I Do Solemnly Swear

i do solemnly swear

August 14, 2022
I ordered the patriotic I Do Solemnly Swear Zox for myself a few years ago because it reminded me that even though I was no longer in the US Army, I was still a Soldier - I may have only served five years active duty but my Oath of Enlistment never expires. It was a year or so later that I learned that Zox bracelets were not only traded but sometimes given away by those who felt someone else could use it more. So I kept my eye out for someone to pass along my Zox to, preferably another Veteran but maybe even a "Military Brat" (a child who grows up with parents that serve their country). Another year or so passed but I still had my bracelet. It was only after I stopped looking with my eyes and let my soul search instead that I found someone to pass along something that had turned into an important part of my daily outfit. I went on my first motorcycle Poker Run with my boyfriend (who's a Harley Parts and Service Director) the other day, which was held to raise money for a non-profit veteran's organization. While at the first stop, my guy introduced me to another couple who were customers of his. He had mentioned the husband, a legal group owner and forever state legislator, to me before but only in passing. His wife was a very bubbly and friendly woman, one I was surprised to find myself enjoying talking to. While riding between stops, I realized she was riding her own motorcycle, one I had been gushing over due to its vintage military theme. As soon as I told her why I was a fan of it, she started gushing about herself: she also was an Army veteran. We fueled our conversation for the next couple of stops and hours with anecdotes of our shared Army history. During a comfortable lull in conversation after moping over the almost straight flush that the second-to-last poker run stop had ruined for my hand, I noticed my Solemnly Swear Zox I had put on that morning. Without consciously realizing it, I found myself slipping it off my wrist and handing it out to my newly discovered Sister-in-Arms, an explanation and it's meaning already on my lips. My heart was so lightened by her sincere gratitude of it , in a way I haven't felt in a long while. After the every was over and we all went our separate ways, I was thankful myself that we swapped phone numbers because I actually felt we would both make the effort to meet up again soon to hang out. But my sweet story gets better: the cherry that goes on top of it came earlier tonight, more than a day after the Poker Run. On my way home from work, I noticed that my new Battle has sent me a photo of my passed down Zox on her wrist along with the following text "Road for 8 hours today - 6 completely on the bike and wore this. Thank you for giving it to me. It means a lot coming from another Army Veteran!" That made me actually smile in response while also making my day and night. So thank you, everyone at Zox - It's been a long minute since I last felt so humbled and sincerely grateful like this, and from such a simple gesture. Here's to a hopefully amazing and long friendship 💜