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over $69,000 raised for ukrainian aid

March 11, 2022


AUSTIN, TEXAS March 10, 2022 — ZOX has raised over $69,371 in just 7 days to donate in support of the humanitarian crisis currently unfolding in Ukraine and at its borders. 

The unique yellow and blue wristband, named TILL THE SUN SHINES THROUGH, was exclusively created to raise money for providing relief in Ukraine. 100% of the profits from the pre-order sale will go directly to helping Ukrainians during this difficult time. The design of TILL THE SUN SHINES THROUGH was inspired by the story of William J. Perry, when he stood on a small patch of concrete in the middle of a field, watching American, Russian, and Ukrainian flags waving in the gentle summer breeze. He had just planted sunflower seeds with representatives from both other countries in a field where nuclear warheads, pointed towards the United States, once sat. While the planting itself was incredibly symbolic, the thoughts he shared with all who were there are a beautiful reminder, even today – "It is altogether fitting that we plant sunflowers here at Pervomaysk to symbolize the hope we all feel at seeing the sun shine through again."

“ZOX’s hope for this design is to remind the people of Ukraine that they are loved, valued, and cared about, even from people on the other side of the world,” says founder and CEO Jason Kuipers. “This design is meant to encourage the people of Ukraine that we're still here, we still care, and we're doing everything we can to help.” 

The entirety of the donation will be distributed to charitable organizations on the ground in the region to help with urgent needs. 

About ZOX

ZOX is a family-owned business, founded by three brothers in 2011, that produces a line of one-of-a-kind wristbands, as well as jewelry, hoodies, and bags. The company’s mission is to change the world with kind words.  For more information on ZOX and how they give, please visit their website at