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$25,000 donated to help women law students

April 14, 2021


[ AUSTIN, TEXAS April 14, 2021] ZOX has donated $25,000 to non-profit Ms. JD’s 2021 Public Interest Scholarship Program in order to provide women law students with a stipend as they pursue careers in public interest law. 

The design used to raise money for the sponsorship was made in honor of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Strap titled DISSENT. Profits from the sale were used to fund the sponsorship of Ms. JD’s Scholarship Program.

With this sponsorship, Ms. JD will be able to award scholarships to students to engage in a broad range of work, which may include both domestic and international work; direct service, impact litigation, and policy work; and government and non-profit work. 

Applications for the scholarship will open at the beginning of May, with scholarships awarded at the beginning of June. 

About ZOX

ZOX is a family-owned business, founded by three brothers in 2011, that produces a line of one-of-a-kind wristbands, as well as jewelry, hoodies, and bags. For more information on ZOX, please visit their website at

To view the design used to raise the funds, visit this  link