Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give an update to some changes we've made to CREATE. With the launch of, we've been working on a way to allow Zoxers all around the world to help support artists along with us here in the States. We've done a lot to reduce complexity so this will be a pretty short post. 

Here's how things will work moving forward:

Designs will be submitted to my brothers and me for review. If we think the design is good, we'll offer to buy it for $100 as an exclusive White Star or Secret Stash design. If we think it's great, we'll use it as a CREATE design. If we think it could be a CREATE with some improvements, we'll let you know.

If a design is made as a CREATE design, we'll pay you $.50 per Strap sold on and for the first 14 days. 

This helps simplify the process and the payout and makes it easy to understand. If you'd like to submit your work for use, please click here.