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November 05, 2017

e Hey guys,

I just wanted to take the time to write an actual blog and give a detailed outline of how ZOX CREATE is going to work. We've put a ton of time and thought into remaking Bespoke and I'm really excited about what CREATE will do for artists, the community, and the brand. 

For years, we've supported up and coming artists from all around the world through Bespoke. Since nothing like Bespoke had been done before, we've gone into it with an open mind and a willingness to make adjustments when needed. Over the last few years, we've made a ton of tweaks and adjustments as requested by Zoxers, some have helped and some have hindered.

With this new system, we've stripped away everything complex about Bespoke and turned it into an easy to understand program for new and experienced Zoxers. 

Here's an outline of how CREATE will work:

  1.   2 or 3 new designs will be posted to CREATE every other week from a queue of designs approved by the ZAC (ZOX Artists Council). 
  2.  Once the ZAC adds a design to the queue it is automatically at White Star status and earns a $100 payout. Once taken from the queue and posted to CREATE it has 2 weeks from posting to be turned into a full production design. 
  3. Artists will only be allowed to have 4 designs funded through CREATE. After that, they'll be offered artist collabs with different payout options based on the performance of their past designs. (Artists will have any designs that hit 250+ prior to the change counted towards this goal)
  4. The ZAC is an anonymous board of artists that grade designs based on this scorecard (You can download the template to see how your own designs rate before submitting). Designs will need to hit a score of at least 71 to be approved and added to the queue. Designs can be submitted for a review a max of 3 times. 
  5. Payouts will be $500 at 250 pre-orders and $1,000 at 500 pre-orders plus a $100 bonus for seamless-repeating artwork. Artists will be given an 'Artist Code' to give their followers/friends (who have never ordered a ZOX before) a discount of $2 on Straps. The artist will also receive 25% of the total value of first orders from new Zoxers they bring to us.
  6. Artists with large followings (as determined by us), will bypass CREATE and be offered artist collabs.
  7. CREATE designs will ship 5 weeks after their two week period concludes.
  8. 5,000 pieces of funded CREATE designs will be made. 
  9. Artists will receive 10 Straps of their design.
  10. Max of 2 submissions under review per artist at a time. 

Here’s how designs will be rated by the ZAC:

  • Uniqueness - 0-10
  • Craftsmanship - 0-10
  • Fit within the ZOX Brand - 0-10
  • Execution of Theme - 0-10
  • Complexity - 0-10
  • Visual Appeal - 0-10
  • Color Palette - 0-10
  • Clarity of Artwork - 0-10
  • Name & Font - 0-10
  • Overall Rating 0-10

Score out of 100

  • Average Score with ratings by 3+ ZAC members must be 71 to be added to the queue.
  • Any designs 70 or less will be rejected and sent back to the artist with any comments or critiques left anonymously. 
  • The further your design is from 71, the more work it will need to be added to the queue.

Once an artist has had 4 designs fully funded through CREATE, they'll work with us as an artist, which has substantially more perks. 

Artist Collab Perks:

  • $500 or $1000 per design with 5,000 or 10,000 pieces made (on very rare occasions) + $200 for seamless-repeating designs and the chance at extra bonuses. 
  • Opportunity to design Imperials for $500 4 times per year.
  • 35% Commission on ‘Artist Code’ sales.
  • Designs are made and kept under wraps until the release.
  • Artist profile on our site.
  • 100 Straps of your design or an extra $250.
  • Wholesale pricing of your designs.
  • Bonuses based on Strap sales after 3 months
    $250 - 1,000
    $500 - 2,500
    $1500 - 5,000

Artists are limited to one full production release per month and design quantities are determined by a ZAC vote. 

 There are a lot of huge changes being made here and they haven't been taken lightly. We've seen so many Zoxers getting overwhelmed by the number of new designs we're releasing and that's understandable. My number one goal this past year has been to make sure we have enough ZOX on our site to continue to have a wide selection for new and potential Zoxers. The only way to do that is by increasing the number of designs we release or by increasing the quantity made.

We've realized that increasing the number of designs releasing was a huge burden for collectors and we're sorry for that. After a lot of thought and consideration, we realized that by making more designs, Straps were becoming less collectible than just simply increasing the number of each Strap being made. 

We really want to work to have the best possible experience for the artists and the ZOX Community moving forward and we believe these changes are what will make that happen.

I'm so excited to get the ball rolling on this. To start submitting your artwork for review, click here. We'll be adding designs to the queue in the order they're received and approved. The first two designs will be featured on November 14th.

If your design is approved, we'll give you an expected CREATE release date. If your design is denied, we'll send you back the scorecard with ratings and critiques. Each submission will receive a critique so the time it takes for you to hear back can fluctuate significantly.  Please be patient, it may take a week or so to receive enough reviews to reach a decision.

If you have any questions or comments, feel from to drop a comment below or on Facebook.

Talk soon,

Designs can only be submitted for a review a max of 3 times. 
Artists can have a max of 2 designs under review at any time and are limited to 4 reviews per month
We may ask you to submit a self-review before our ZAC reviews your design. If you score yourself above a 71 and the ZAC scores you below a 65, we will review your design a max of 2 times.