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thanks & giving

November 23, 2018

Hey there!

Like Black Friday's of years past, we're working with Toys for Tots again. We're donating a Strap for every single one sold now through Monday night. Our goal? 10,000 Straps donated to folks who could use them most this holiday season.

To help meet this goal, we're also releasing what is unquestionably the most coveted design in the entire ZOX library: Our original blue F&F as an Imperial. All orders of $50 or more will get this Imperial absolutely free through Midnight on Black Friday. The stock is currently sold out, so all customers who spend $50+ will get an email to select their size on Saturday and the F&F will ship in 5-6 weeks. :)

If you already spent $50 from 5pm PT and onward, this applies to you, so no need to worry. This giveaway is limited to one F&F per account. 

As an added bonus, all customers will get VIP Pricing automatically applied to their orders at checkout. Here's what that means for you:

  • $1 of all Straps and Singles, $2 off each when you buy 4+, $3 off each when you buy 8+
  • Imperials are $12 each when you buy 3 or more

Our Thanks & Giving Sale just kicked off now, so don't miss out! 

As always, you guys have been beyond amazing in helping us make an impact this year. We're only a few months into our partnership with THIRST PROJECT and have already provided over 47,000 people with clean drinking water for a year. How awesome is that? 

Love you guys!
Jason, Brandon and Jordan