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apple watch bands vs zox watch bands

June 6, 2024

There are several reasons to get a new Apple Watch Band. One reason could be if your current one is uncomfortable. Another reason could be if it doesn't match your style.

You might also just want a change. You might also just want a change.

From 2017 to 2022, Apple Watch Bands were by far our most requested item. Yesterday, someone said we should make ads for Apple. Some people said we already do.

Every month, over 200,000 people search on Google for a new watch band. If you're reading this, you might be one of them.

Apple always ranks first on Google for their product accessories. I wanted to compare their items with ours.

Apple Watch Band Pros

Starting off with Apple, I wanted to list a few of their Pros.

They're simply the best.

Their quality control is better than anyone can imagine and better than any other option available. If you're ok with spending $60 or $100+ on a band, there's no one better than Apple to buy from, it's as simple as that.

They pay close attention to details and have very few mistakes. No other factory on Earth is as precise as them.

But are you really surprised? In 2022, Apple sold nearly 44,000,000 Apple Watches at an average price of $466. With that, Apple makes around $20,000,000,000 each year on their Apple Watch line, and that's before they sell their bands or other accessories.

Highest Quality Materials

Apple's dedication to high-quality materials and sustainability is second to none. They make most of their line from easily recycled materials or post-recycled materials. They build their products to last for the lifetime of your watch. In the price range they sell for, I don't believe there's anyone better.

Apple Watch Band Cons

While Apple is clearly the highest quality option on the market, it does come at a cost, which is their main drawback.

Apple's Watch Band lineup ranges from $50 up to $150, making it expensive to add several options to your collection. For people who have plenty of money to spend, this isn't an issue. For people who want to personalize their watch on a budget, it just isn't affordable.

Lack of Options

Apple has very limited options for Watch Bands. They have a few types available with only a few color options for each type. This restricts your choices to customize your watch and display your individual style and personality.

ZOX Watch Bands

At ZOX, we took years to finally listen to the requests and create a line of Apple Watch Bands.

We didn't want to become another "Apple Accessory Brand". We love our bracelets and the community we've built, so we were very hesitant to create Apple Watch Bands.

When we set out to create them, we wanted to address the two main issues we saw:

  1. Apple's bands aren't affordable
  2. Apple's bands have limited options

ZOX Watch Band Pros

Tons of designs to choose from

We've been creating our bracelets from our world-famous elastic since 2011. With that, we've created well over 2,500 unique designs in that time and sold almost 10,000,000 bracelets. With that, we rolled out our Watch Band lineup with some of our favorite designs of all time.

Limited-Edition Designs

Each ZOX Watch Band is limited-edition. Today, only around 70 designs are available out of the more than 150 we've created.

With older designs selling out constantly and new designs releasing each month, there's so much variety to choose from. Just make sure you get your favorites before they're gone for good.


At ZOX, we've always done our best to be affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. If you can buy a watch for $300, you can also buy a ZOX Watch Band for $25.

We believe affordability means customers can collect as many watch bands as they want, not just one. To enjoy the personalization and daily customization that's possible with Apple's easy-swap system.

With our Apple Watch Bands, you can customize and personalize your Apple Watch daily with beautiful bands.

Hidden Positive Reminders

Since we started making our bracelets back in 2011, we've been putting little names and messages on the inside of our products. As far as we're aware, we're the only company who's putting affirmations and positive reminders on the inside of Apple Watch Bands.

Eco-Friendly Apple Watch Bands

Since 2021, we've been using recycled water bottles to create our elastic. With that, we're able to recycle around 40,000 lbs of trash each year and turn it into these amazing wearable reminders. Each Watch Band sold recycles roughly 1 8oz water bottle that would have otherwise been sent to a landfill.

Fits Every Apple Watch

Whether you're looking for Apple Watch Ultra Watch Bands or Apple Watch SE Watch Bands, ZOX Watch Bands will fit every type of Apple Watch ever made. 

If you're curious on sizing or how to change your watch band, you can check out our blog on that here. 

ZOX Watch Band Cons

The term you get what you pay for is almost always true, and is true here. Our biggest downside is that by making them affordable, we're not able to match the same level of quality of Apple or other more expensive watch band options.

However, they're still far higher quality than a lot of the cheap options you can find on Amazon.

It's important to us that our bands hold up under stress. I take my Apple Watch Ultra scuba diving, cliff jumping, and I play basketball in it weekly.

While the connectors aren't the same quality as what Apple uses, it's ok because it allows us to sell them at a price that more people can afford and enjoy.