The Perfect Gift Is Waiting At ZOX

The perfect gift  can be hard to find. Every person in your life is unique, and finding a gift as unique as they are, one that perfectly fits into their lives, is one of the nicest things you can do for them. When you give a gift that suits someone to a T, it becomes more than just an object; it becomes a physical representation of how much you care and how much you really know the other person.

From photography buffs to animal lovers, there’s a gift to be found for your loved ones here at ZOX. We’ve put together a list that highlights some products that make great gifts and cover a variety of interests.


For Animal Lovers

We love our dogs, and we know there are tons of fellow dog lovers out there. If you have a dog lover in your life, our dog carrier could make the perfect gift. We created the Doggo because our three chihuahuas want to go everywhere with us. From running errands to going to the office, our three little fuzz buddies want to be there. The Doggo makes the perfect gift for anyone whose small dogs are glued to them like Velcro.


This bag includes a space for a phone, a clip for leashes, a custom Closure Capsule and two hidden pockets. It’s really a portable doggo station, hence the name. For extra fun, it can be customized with bright straps featuring designs from artists worldwide.


For Yoga Enthusiasts

The Roll is a super versatile Capsule, designed for a multitude of storage options. In this instance, it makes the perfect yoga mat roll. However, it can also be used to store a blanket, tripod or even a small telescope!

The Roll

 Designed with interior pockets to hold whatever a person might need, the Roll makes an excellent mat holder; and the pockets are perfect for holding small workout items like towels, keys and wallets while going to and from the gym.

It offers ever further versatility because it can be worn alone or attached to the Doggo or the V2 backpack, making it the perfect gift for the exercise enthusiast or on-the-go person.


For Parents

The Imperial Backpack V2 is the ultimate daily bag for parents. This bag is so versatile, it can be used for everything from a travel or workout bag to a diaper bag that no one would be embarrassed to wear. It features an inner sleeve for a laptop and can accommodate a wide variety of Capsules that can be used to further customize the bag for everything from holding a water bottle to adding an insulated lunchbox for work or travel.

 The Dad Bag

For even more personalization, interchangeable ZOX Tension Straps can be used with the bag to allow parents to change the look of their bag in seconds.

For Toddlers

At ZOX, we even have toddlers covered. We all know that toddlers want to be just like the big kids and grownups. That’s one reason we designed our And Sven Backpack. While traveling, we were consistently disappointed in the cheaply made backpacks we bought for Sven. We had bags break on us before we even got off the plane. It was frustrating for us, and it made him feel terrible that his beloved big boy bag had broken.

 The And Sven x ZOX Pack Pack

So we designed the And Sven PackPack. Designed to stand up to the rigors of a toddler’s less than gentle handling, the PackPack is super durable. It features padded straps, an easy-to-clean thermal lining for storing food, and built-in expandable water bottle pockets on both sides. In addition, the bag has a removable Expansion Bracket to attach additional Capsules for even more versatility. As with all of our bags, the look can be easily changed by trading out different straps – a fun bonus for the kiddos.


For Teenagers 

The Daily is a bag that makes the perfect gift for teenagers. A modern take on the waist bag from the 1980s, teens can keep their lip balm, phone, candy and other stuff in a bag that is as functional as it is modern, sleek and classy.

 The Daily

This small storage Capsule was designed to be worn on its own or added to our bags for more versatile storage options. It features interior phone and zipper pockets, a hidden magnetic pocket on the back and Velcro expansion straps for side mounting to our V2 backpacks. Teens can even personalize their Daily with any of our unique strap designs.


For Photographers

The Camera is the ultimate sleek camera bag and makes the perfect gift for any photography enthusiast. With features inspired by our very own in-house photographer, Zoe, this bag is designed to be the ultimate camera bag for both form and function.

 The Photographer

This semi-rigid bag features extra thick padding to protect a photographer’s valuable equipment while still being comfortable to carry around. Offering extra versatility, the Camera can be used on its own or stored inside our Imperial Backpacks. Using our transformer kit, the Camera can also be used at a backpack. For further customization, up to three Exterior Capsules, like the Daily, Water and Roll, can be added to the bag.


The Perfect Gift Is Waiting

No matter what the special someone in your life loves to do or where they love to go, ZOX has the perfect gift for them. The above items are only a sample of the products we offer, and we’re sure that you'll find the special gift to make anyone extra happy. Check out our full line of products, from bags to inspiring bracelets, to find the perfect gift for anyone on your shopping list.