Non-Candy Halloween Treats Everyone Will Enjoy

Halloween treats are an important part of the spooky holiday season. However, with so many people allergic to various nuts, dairy, wheat, and other ingredients commonly found in almost all types of candies, having candy alternatives has become the safer thing for kids and the less stressful thing for parents. One of the best non-candy Halloween treats you can give out this year are ZOX bracelets.



Unique and Fun Halloween Treats

Let’s be honest, when kids see that they aren’t getting candy for Halloween, it can be a bummer. Kids live for Halloween and free candy, but these days that can just be too dangerous. With so many severe food allergies out there, Halloween can sometimes feel like the scariest guessing game of all. Who is allergic and who isn’t? Does your candy have potential allergy-causing ingredients?

ZOX bracelets are an excellent candy substitute or addition to any Halloween celebration because they’re unique and fun. Zox bracelets come in a wide variety of colors and designs, and what’s more, they feature fun or inspiring words on the inside of the bracelet.

This means that you’re spreading love and positivity as well as making sure every single kid in the neighborhood gets a safe, terrific Halloween goodie. With their bright colors and diverse designs, the kids will actually enjoy these bracelets rather than just murmuring thank you and then throwing them in a drawer when they get home. 

Perfect for Anyone Anywhere 

In addition to using Zox bracelets as non-candy Halloween treats at home, you can use them as completely safe treats for Halloween goodie bags for classmates, coworkers, or friends. Anyone who might normally receive candy will love one of these bracelets instead.

Halloween Goodie Bag

The bracelets come in several different styles.  The Mystery Pack is a fun surprise when you're not sure what to purchase. The classic Wristbands and Singles are great to mix and match and the Clasp Bracelets are a fancier take on our original designs.  Whether you’re making goodie bags or just giving a little something to your friends to mark this spooky, ghost and ghoul-filled holiday, our ZOX bracelets make fun and safe non-candy Halloween treats.


Make ZOX Part of Your Halloween 

With ZOX, you can ensure that everyone in your life has a great Halloween without any fear of food allergies. Use ZOX bracelets as non-candy Halloween treats in goodie bags, to hand out as a candy alternative on Halloween night, or simply as a little gift to say you care for the holiday. Head to the shop and check out our wide selection of colors and designs today, and start gearing up for Halloween.