What It Takes

ZOX CREATE is more than just a way for us to use great art, it's a way for us to educate artists and help them improve and hopefully master their craft. 

The best way to improve is through practice and feedback on your work from other artists. We've put together a board of several artists with a formal education to review and critique your work. We completely trust these artist's eye for design and ability to provide feedback that will help you improve as an artist. 

To help provide a standardized method for rating and approving designs, I've created a rubric with as much information as possible on what we look for in designs. 

To view the rubric, click here. Since it's on Google, you can sign into Google to make a copy to your own drive, or if you don't have a Google account, you can still download and open it in Excel. 

When using this sheet to rate your own work, please be brutally honest with yourself, as its the only way you'll find your own flaws and be able to progress as a creator and be open to criticism from others.