Repeating Designs

One of the biggest bottlenecks in our production is having to hand print non-repeating designs. To help fix this bottleneck, we want as many artists as possible to submit their designs as seamless patterns that are a least 1 Strap long. To encourage this, designs that hit the 200 mark or higher will be given an extra $100 bonus on their payment. 

Here's a quick visual to help show what I mean by a seamless repeating design vs a non-repeating design:

No matter where the text on the inside of Happy Trees lines up, we can cut the outer design and no one will ever know the difference. If we did the same for Slow Down, the Turtle could be missing its head and there could be a hard cut from one edge of the design being printed right next to the other.

The main thing with a repeating design is that it's a pattern but only in the horizontal sense. As long as you place Happy Trees 173mm over, you'll have a pattern that repeats forever. 

The easiest way to achieve this with some designs is to do different elements at the edge and move them 173mm to the right or to the left so they're cut off in the exact same place and line up perfectly. 

An easy way to check if your design is repeating or not is to create a clipping mask in Illustrator and move the design to see if it works or not. Here's a quick example showing a repeating design vs a non-repeating design:

If you're still confused, please check out this video: