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October 16, 2017 2 min read

Are you an artist or do you aspire to become one? If so, the ZOX CREATE is a great place to refine your skill, gain exposure, and make money to support yourself.

Here's a step by step of how it works:

  1. Create your artwork in one of our templates. For Photoshop, click here. For Illustrator, click here. It must be submitted in these templates to be considered.
  2. Once you've done that, submit your design to us via this form.
  3. Once we've received the design, my brothers and I will review it and decide if we'd like to use it as a CREATE design or White Star. 
  4. If we use it as a White Star, we'll pay you $100 right away and begin production. If we use it as a CREATE, we'll pay $200 upfront if it's a seamless-repeating design, if not, we'll make it. All designs will make $.50 per Strap sold for the first 14 days on and 
  5. We'll sign you up for our artist affiliate code and you'll earn 15% commission on any sales you help bring in for us. 

Now that you what CREATE is and how it works, here are some tips for success:

- We will never buy a design that contains anything trademarked.
- If we could replicate your design in less than 30 minutes, we won't buy it. 
- If you don't submit your artwork in our templates, you will not receive a response unless it is amazing. 
- Only around 4% of designs submitted to us have ever been used, which means that for every design we use, 24 were rejected.  
- Before you submit, ask yourself this: If ZOX charged me $10 to submit my artwork on the contingency I get it back if the design is used, would I still submit it? If you answer no, ask yourself this: If I don't think my design is good enough to risk $10, why is it good enough to be worth $500?