What does new mean?

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Lately we’ve been working to put the finishing touches on our site and I’ve gotta say I’m very excited to see my baby get better and better. The revised site has me stoked for quite a few reasons; some of which you’ll notice right away, others you’ll realize as you go. Here’s a few of the highlights:

1. An epic points system – This was a big one for us as we wanted to do something special for people that are getting involved with our brand and buying Straps regularly. Now, with the points system, you can get rewards for all sorts of things; Signing up as a user instead of a guest, writing reviews, buying Straps and even recommending friends. Points are like cash, with a special ability if you’re a ZOXVIP: They’re the only currency you can use to purchase secret Straps. VIPREPS get to take that a step further yet, earning points for each Strap they sell and being able to access an elite page where points can earn you things like a Playstation 4, an iPad Mini or a pair of Sol headphones. No gimmicks or weird hoops to jump through, I just want to make it fun and reward the people that are helping to spread our brand the most. You guys rock!

2. Kirby Credits – We started to roll this out on the old site but it wasn’t quite what we wanted. Kirby Credits are now easily available on the store page and have a few legit perks that I’m really excited about.
– They’re the fastest way to check out on our site.
– When buying Straps you’ll actually get a 5% discount just for paying with Kirby Credits. That is the first and only time we’ve ever offered a discount on purchases but to me it’s a cool way to say thanks for the love.

3. Finders Keepers Codes – These are one time use codes that will be hidden on the site and will earn you absolutely free Straps, discounts or secret releases. After the first time this code is used it automatically deactivates itself, meaning you’ll have to keep your eye out for another one. Hint – Secret links on the cards of newly released Straps is a good place to start looking. 🙂

4. My Account – This was a very important step for us as I want to make it as easy as possible for people to track their points, Kirby Credits and recent orders. This also allows you to store your different shipping addresses and credit cards so you can easily save your info and check out in less time.

5. Collection / Shop page – A huge move forward for us, and one I’m very excited to see us making. We’ve had thousands of people ask us for a complete list of Straps we’ve made to see how their collection stacks up and until now, we’ve never released it. With the new site, our ‘Shop’ page doubles as a collection page, allowing you to see the Straps closer, watch videos on them and even read the story behind it (if it’s a Collection or Double.) We still have the description of each Strap but have added a rarity rating for you to see where your Straps fit in.

I think that covers the big stuff. The other big thing to remember is obviously that our new domain is now just Zox.la. Super short and reminds you where we live lol.

Would love to hear what you think about the new site! Tweet me your thoughts: @ZoxStraps.

Talk soon!