Your new favorite wristband.

Exquisitely curated artwork // Incredibly soft fabric // Individually numbered and never reproduced // Made with care, just for you.

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Your wrists just got really excited.

Limited release

That's right friend: Freshly curated designs on our incredibly soft, reversible wristbands are released in super limited quantities every Thursday at 6pm Pacific. Each wristband comes with its own serial number laser cut into the tag, ensuring no two Zox are ever the same. Once they’re sold out, they’re gone for good. Yeah buddy!

Golden ticket

Wristbands with serial numbers 00001-00100 in each design come with gold stitching. Find one of these super rare pieces and you'll earn yourself an invitation to our exclusive Zox Gold Club. Members of the Gold Club help determine what bands we make next, as well as get early access to new designs before the public. Jackpot!

Incredibly comfortable

Zox are stretch to fit, meaning one size really does fit just about everyone. This was super important to us as we (The Bros) have huge wrists, yet most of our friends have small girly wrists. ;) By using only the highest quality materials, our buttery soft elastic forms to fit just about anyone over time. Look fresh and feel great? You bet.

Authentic and original

We're committed to making ridiculously high quality products you can't resist showing others. Each Zox we send out is hand packed in an air tight, resealable foil package for safe keeping when you're not wearing it. These packages also include a collectors card that matches the wristband, ensuring your product is authentic.

Sweet! So what comes in the package?

So happy you asked.


Lead the pack with this epic Strap.

Starry Night

Want to look more suave in the art community? Vincent Van Gogh is here to help!

Watch Me Work

If you're a doer, then this Strap is for you. Keep your wrists looking fresh while you crush it.

Our next release happens in:

You could say we love what we do.

Friends & Family

We're just three brothers trying to make mom and dad proud. What started off as a Kuipers family arts and crafts night has grown into an amazing brand we never expected but couldn't be happier about. Our success is the result of an amazing family and the best friends you could ever ask for.

Made with a purpose

I think Winston Churchill said it best: "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." I love that. Making an impact is a pillar of our family, and we're doing everything we can to go big. So far this year? We've helped raise just under $1,000,000 for folks all around the world.

Details first

I believe there's a level of quality beyond perfect that only happens when it doesn't feel like 'work' anymore; that's the area we play in. From the very beginning we've been obsessed with making things so incredible you can't help but smile; everyone knows it's all about the details.

Artist inspired

Collaboration has always been a huge part of Zox as we're a creativity-driven brand. Limited to just 10 spots per year, Zox Collabs are incredibly rare Straps we release with other artists as amazing, individually numbered works of art. These Straps have a habit of selling out extra fast, so be ready!

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